Vepa Meat Tenderising Machinery

We are delighted to have recently become a representative of Vepa who produce meat tenderisers for worldwide clients. A leader in this sector, they produce 16 different products that are meticulously designed to meet any request.

Vepa offers a wide range of tenderising to satisfy the needs of all those who want to offer meat at its best, fresh and tender.

The mechanical tenderising process is so that it intervenes in the maturation process thereby drastically reducing meat maturation time. 

Below are some of the more popular models in their range. For further information, just get in touch with us.

Tenerife 95 E

Vepa Needle Tenderiser Tenerife 95E - this is the largest semi automatic machine from Vepa, perfect for larger butchers, catering butchers and food processors.This version comes with an electronic system for selecting the cut of the meat and meat release system that ensures the meat is released without any degradation.

Technical spec:

  • Motor:single phase
  • Power:1.5kw
  • Controls: 24V


  • Height: 1200mm
  • Trolley Height: 800mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Length: 900mm
  • Weight: 125kg

Working Features:

  • Blades: 65
  • Needles: 552
  • Max Product Height: 150mm
  • Blade Block Width: 350mm

Tenerife 90 New

Vepa Needle Tenderiser Tenerife 90 New - this is the smallest machine in the range and perfect for smaller butchers and large restaurants. Unique mechanical meat release system that ensures meat is released without any degradation. Available in single or three phase:

Technical spec:

  • Motor: Single or Three Phase
  • Power: 1.1kw
  • Controls: 24V


  • Height: 990mm
  • Trolley Height: 800mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Length: 650mm
  • Weight: 55kg

Working Features:

  • Blades: 42
  • Needles: 378
  • Max Product Height: 130mm
  • Blade Block Width: 250mm