Skin Packaging


Skin-Packaging is the key to promote and preserve your product. The main advantage of this way of packing is the avoiding of any gases when vacuuming. This allows obtaining a longer shelf life rather than the one guaranteed with a MAP packing.

How does SKIN-Packaging work? When we choose to Skin-Pack our product we just have to be sure to work with a proper film reel, the right trays and last but not least a packaging machine equipped with this technology.  With this process a heated film encloses the product tightly, vacuum is used to draw the film down onto the package, creating a secure and attractive package. Your packed product can now be displayed vertically, horizontally, or even suspended because the film skin fixes the contents of the pack and the complete sealing prevents any liquids in the product from escaping, like a second skin. Skin-Packaging: the perfect recipe to provide a unique combination of longer shelf life and a perfect product presentation. Suggested for high quality meat cuts, fish, shellfish, seafood and cheese.

Unica Skin Series

  • In Stainless Steel, on wheels, with   no 3 volume reducers included 
  • Skin  Vacuum Packaging
  • Customizable moulds 
  • Suitable for trays with a maximum height of 100 mm
  • Control Panel with 5 pre-set programs
  • Up to 2 cycles per minute

TVG Maxi Series

  • Vacuum tray sealer on wheels with MAP and Skin-Pack system
  • Quick tool changing system
  • Control panel with 5 memorizable programs

Automatic, inline tray sealers for modified-atmosphere and skin packaging

In line automatic vacuum tray sealer with MAP and Skin-Pack 

With moulds and vacuum chamber in aluminium Peraluman, with single, double or triple die tooling, quick tool changing system, touch screen control panel with programs for different tray heights and tray presence check on inlet and outlet.

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Compatta Series

Linea Series

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