Professional Ovens

A line of professional ovens designed to combine the innovative and patented modulated infrared cooking system with a planetary movement which guarantees a variety of excellent, delicious and char-free cooking results. The CB Cooking Innovation line which includes Leonardo, Leonardo Belvedere, Chef, CB² Cooking Block and Mini Leo also features an intuitive operation mode, with an easily washable cooking chamber system, a characteristic offered in the Leonardo and Leonardo Belvedere models thanks to the automatic Self-Cleaning Innovation system. Furthermore, all of our multicookers are ideal for kitchens in restaurants, cafeterias and hospitals while also providing a perfect presentation with maximum visibility of the delicious products in rotisseries, delicatessens and supermarkets.

Modulated infrared cooking appliances with planetary movement and natural air circulation LEONARDO

CHEF is the ideal model of the Cooking Innovation line for every type of cooking where eating well and in a healthy way is priority. Thanks to the high technology and its reliability, Chef is the easy machine to use that permits to free the creativity in the kitchen. Simplicity and functionality are the key elements of success of this device, starting from the cooking process down to the cleaning of the appliance. Since the cooking chamber temperature of the Cooking Innovation models reach a maximum of 170 degrees, there is a complete absence of carbonisation. The cooking chamber is only slightly soiled, this means that fats are easier to remove, making a quick, easy and hygienic cleaning possible.

CB²-COOKING BLOCK, a modulable tower that links two CB professional tools one on the top of the other, offering an integrated and complete structure in order to cook in less than 1 squared metre. The best of functionality and technology in the smallest amount of space, that in the kitchen is always precious and limited. A revolutionary modulated infrared tool like LEONARDO combined with a convection oven.


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