Castellvall Meat Processing Equipment

We are a representative of Castellvall who are a leading Spanish Manufacturer of Industrial Meat Processing Machinery producing high quality, reliable, long-life stand alone machines as well as complete systems.

The market leader for 40 years in Spain and South America, Castellvall are now focusing on the rest of Europe.  They produce mincers, mixers, vacuum fillers, bowl cutters, mince meat portioning lines, forming machines and slicing lines.

Castellvall machinery can compete in build quality, reliability, innovation and cost effectiveness with all other well established brands and have machines which have been running for 25+ years now still in use with their original owners.

Check out some of the range below and get in touch with us today to try Castellvall and stay ahead of the competition!!

Sausage Link Cutter

Greatly reduces manual hands-on lablour.  Up to 1800 cuts per minute regardless of shape or texture of sausage

Frozen Blocks Chopper - Designed for crumble meat blocks or frozen block with 3cm thickness. Can be connected with a continuous feeder. Click image for more details.

Pre-Mixer Mincer - ideal for mincing fresh and frozen meat pre-cut in guillotine. Totally automated pre-mincing process. Click image for more details.

Mincer Small Production - quiet operation, no maintenance required. Can assemble 3 plates and 2 knives. Click on image for more information.

Filet-611 Slicer - ideal for cutting and stacking  cured, cooked and raw meats as well as cheese and vegetables. Click on image for more information.

Mixers - suitable to kneed all kinds of products and blend perfectly the ingredients. Click image for more details.

Slicer Filet 620 - also ideal for cutting and stacking meats. Automatic and pneumatic clamp grip with product sensor. Click image for more details.